Monday, September 7, 2009

oh, the house was blessed

yesterday was a big ol' day for us here at the farmhouse. see, we've been planning for september 6th practically since the moment we stepped through the front door of 472o e. hueneme. we invited all of our friends and family to come and celebrate the beginning of our year of farming, and also to participate in eucharist and an inter-faith house blessing. 

and there was quite a turn out.

i've heard estimates that somewhere between 120 and 150 people passed through the doors of our humble abode last night! we sang songs together, we were commissioned as interns, we blessed the bedrooms, the kitchen, the office, the backyard and the farmland in Catholic, Lutheran, Unitarian Universalist, Jewish, and Episcopalian traditions. we feasted on mesquite barbeque alongside a wide array of delectable salads and desserts. there was live music provided by bill knutsen's band, and then, there was also the dancing. oh the dancing... honestly, i'm sorry if you missed the dancing. it was surely the stuff of legend. all in all, it was incredible night. i am honored and deeply grateful to be a part of something that so many believe in and have chosen to support. thank you to all who came. you have helped us start the year off with a bang!

i cannot wait to have another celebration with our family and friends. and harvest time is coming up quick. my goal: invite more folks. i say, at least 250 next time. ¡sí se puede!

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  1. Oh, I AM sorry I missed the dancing. :) Much love and gladness to hear about the huge turnout!