Thursday, September 10, 2009

Getting to know each other and the land

The party on Sunday was huge and delightful! I'm really thankful for the more than 100 folks that came out, some from L.A. and Long Beach and Orange County to celebrate with us!


The energy of the food, live music, and dancing still lingers in the air. And, I feel the blessings of all the guests (from so many spiritual communities!) in each of our rooms.

If it didn't feel like it before, now we are go! We've been weeding and transplanting and scoping out the Farmers' Markets!

On top of the Join the Farm aspects, we've been learning to live together in community. Above is a pic from Sunday! It's such an honor to live with my sisterfriends. They are each of them a woman who is unique, hard-working, and real! How could I ask for more when it comes to communal living?

The last thing I wanted to touch on for this blog is labyrinths. We are creating one here on the farm this year, and I'm just too excited. I met with Rev. Nicole Janelle at UCSB yesterday to talk about the possibilities of making one there in Santa Barbara as well. I liked the idea mucho. My hope is to someday create a labyrinth based on my own design....

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