Saturday, September 5, 2009

jack rabbit packing demo

So, as we are now "real" farmers here at Join the Farm!, we have developed some systems to keep us farming efficiently. When it comes to transplanting, there are four positions: hole poker (this person pokes the holes to put the transplants in), transplant hander (this person pulls the transplant from the container and hands the plant to the placer), the placer (this person places the transplant in the hole) , and the packer (this person packs the plant in place in the hole-arguably the most physical of the positions). We rotate the positions so everyone gets a chance and doesn't burn out. I developed a method for the packer position. The jack rabbit allows me to quickly move from plant to plant, pack the plant in, and then cover with dirt and press down. These systems help us to do great work. Some other methods arose during our transplanting session. The competition method. This is where Sarah and Kyle race to place the plant in a row, only damaging a marginal number of plants. The deliberate method. Casey was very deliberate and gentle in poking her holes, placing and packing. "Slow and steady wins the race." So yes, a good day. Kyle also explained the difference between gingers and day walkers, but I will let him explain that when he blogs.