Thursday, September 24, 2009

Everything belongs ...or blogs

Here at the farm we've been talking a lot around the kitchen table. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and in between -- we are our own school of thought.

Here's our ritual in the morning:
we stumble in about 7/7:30 to get some coffee, we sit at the table and read the Ventura County Star, and we talk before we head out to the land at 8.

One of the ongoing conversations is about oppression and privilege. We agree that are purpose is to be a creationary community rather than a reactionary, to not fight the system, but to offer an alternative.

This reminds me of the title of a book Sarah recommended to me: EVERYTHING BELONGS. The title in turn reminds me of Rumi:

In other news:

It's so great to have friends out in the fields with us!

First, the conversations we have are hilarious!
Second, you need a dance team on the field with you to boogie to Prince while you work!
Third, they are so photogenic!

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