Monday, September 21, 2009

lessons learned


farmer days are getting earlier and earlier.
planting at 7:00 am,
which means waking-up sometime between 6:30 and 6:45
if breakfast is a priority.
other days there's weeding/harvesting at 7:30 am,
which might mean that i wake-up at 5:45 or 6:00 am
to get in a bit of cardio before bending and squatting
the next several hours.
community outreach and social justice and grown-up office work
are filling-up these afternoons.
gotta make the connections!
gotta get stuff done before the harvest is too bountiful!
and the nights are getting longer and fuller
with community meetings and house dinners
and friends and folks who just are interested and want to stop by
and chat until 9 or 11 or 10.
then crash.
then repeat.
like i said, sleepy.


arugula is about to bolt or "go to seed"
which means that it is HOT
i'm talking pee-kahn-tay.
maybe we'll try and pair the rest of it
with apples or potatoes or winter squash
something really mild
because the once go-to arugula and radish salad combo
is becoming more like a "how hot can you go?!"
dining competition everyday.


note to self:
wear sunscreen
wear a hat
wear gloves
wear pants
wear lightweight long sleeves
or else.

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  1. Hi Casey - Paul cooked the arugula like spinach last night - it took the spice out of it and tasted great, mixed with squash, of course.