Monday, August 31, 2009

where the wild things are

i'm going to take a cue from erynn and add subtitles, so here it goes:

where the wild things are
(the upcoming film and my excitement)

now, this has nothing to do with farming
(at all, i'm talking whatsoever),
but this is my blogging night
and i'm tired
and at this moment, i am just way too excited about the upcoming film adaption of
where the wild things are to think about anything else.
we all read the book growing-up,
and we imagined ourselves running away when we were upset to
explore strange new lands,
become king (or queen) of a people and place that embraced
our rebellion, our inner "wild thing!"
and now, thanks to the BRILLIANT minds of dave eggers and spike jonze
we, the humble folks who frequent the local cinema,
will be given the spectacular opportunity to see this beloved story re-imagined
into a feature length film!
from what i've seen it looks like one of the more visually stunning films of all time
and the cast is impeccable
and the soundtrack features arguably the best arcade fire song
(i could go on and on)... so consider this an open invite,
for the midnight showing on october 16th.
please, come with me and celebrateremember the beauty and pain of childhood.
i just know it will be delightful.

where the wild things are
(the farming life)

whew! thank you for letting me share that joyous anticipation with
and now i would like to address issues that might be a tad
more relevant to what we over here at the abundant table farm are all about.

this last week, we started noodling in the garden
(and sarah bagge has posted photographic evidence of the event below
so you must not doubt me).
there is just so much life in that garden.
of course, there are the crops, some of which are thriving
and others that have had to leave us and begin the decomposition journey.
but there is so much life in decomposition!
there are bugs that eat the waste,
and animals that eat the bugs,
and the waste from both of those creatures
contains the seeds of the decomposing plants
that make their way back to the ground
where they wait until the season
when they will (once again), dig deep into the ground
take root, and bear fruit.
what wondrous life.
we held a composting event over here at the house on saturday,
and the humble interns along with a few local community members
learned quite a bit about the differences between
green (nitrogen rich)
and brown (carbon rich) waste,
and the combination of the two to create some
lifefull, lifegiving, lifeenriching soil.
compost is, in essence, waste (or some might call it garbage).
i used to throw the current contents of our compost bin
into the trash without a care,
without considering the life
those discarded scraps still had to live
and to give!
with this compost, we will transform a worn-out, beaten-down,
over-watered, backyard lawn
into a rich garden, that will help to educate children
and friends and family and each other,
about herbs and weeds and the beauty of getting dirty and meditation and solitude;
and it will feed us all.
life and life and life (from death).

in the past few years,
i have not known what to call God.
i have tried many different names,
MotherFather, Peace, Joy, Love...
but here, and now, the name that feels most accurate,
is Life.
so i would like to thank Life for creating life,
for being discernible and present in all that lives,
and for continuing to dwell in the living
even when one form of life comes to an end.
all things that live continue to give life
even in death.
what a promise!
how beautyfull.

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