Friday, August 21, 2009

I did not blog in clogs.

So, I have had some serious blogging anxiety throughout the week. I have never read a blog so needless to say I have never blogged. But, today people, I am a blogger. I am a bloggerrrr. So, what does this make you people? My bloggees? My blogents? Bloggowers? (I realize I am probably so, so unoriginal in my attempts at poking fun at the blog genre) And, by the way, I am feeling rather uncomfortable with this whole unknown internet universe of people who might be reading these thoughts from my brain. Maybe we could make this blogging a little more interactive so you bloggees aren't as passive in this process. I say we inter-blog. So please introduce yourselves and let's blog-talk.

I might be supposed to introduce myself here in this blog. But, so many profoundly exciting things have been happening since I have moved into the farmhouse, I have decided to talk about these things and maybe weave in a little about myself. I have been told that in blogs you can talk about whatever you want. So, I am.

Farm swimming

I am in a whole new current here at the Abundant Table Farm Project/Join the Farm farmhouse. I can feel myself swimming (well, technically I am just living not swimming, but I love metaphor and imagery so I am going with the water metaphor here) faster, lighter, more excitedly, and more at peace supported by a current of people looking to live in a more sustainable and connected (and I mean connected in a very specific vague way).

In my previous current, I was trying to live in these ways also. I was also connected to others who wanted to live in these ways also, but I was much more isolated than I am now living with my intern sisterfriends. It can be an overwhelming and a sometimes guilt inducing process trying to make conscious decisions on your own (actually I wasn't really on my own, my mom was very supportive). Examples: I acquire reusable bags (oh jeez, did these bags come from a plastic product which comes from (gasp) oil?) I forget said bags when I go to the store. I put reusable bags in my car. I still forget to bring into the store. I put reusable bags onto the front seat. I bring reusable bags into the store, slightly more than I used to. I buy organically (when it is convenient for me). I don't eat a lot of meat products (except when people I love prepare it for me. I like this exception-it's staying). I ride my bike (when it doesn't involve me having to wake up earlier than I want or go farther than I can go comfortably in a dress). I was doing some things and feeling guilty about not doing enough or not doing things consistently. But, as Julie and I discussed, guilt really isn't a particularly helpful emotion. What has been helpful in this new current is a support system. Finding others who are interested in sustainability and living lighter on our earth, interested in sharing knowledge, and interested in acting in ways consistent with our beliefs. We want to try new things! We are composting! We put a tub in the sink and we are saving water (and using biodegradable dish soap) to use to water our plants and trees. These two things, specifically, are goals we set and are accomplishing. So, like Julie said, we are starting small and doing. When a tub of water goes down the drain, I still wish it went to our plants, but we are trying and doing more than we aren't. And I love that.

Homesteading in the 21st Century #1

On my way back from a run I found a certain intern (I didn't ask for her consent to mention this story, so she shall remain anonymous as I don't know about issues of consent when blogging) weeding in the veggie patch Kyle planted. She was chatting on her cell phone and seriously getting down on the weeds with a hoe. 21st century weeding or pioneer communication?

Turns out I didn't weave much personal information at all. So, I guess I will be weaving personal information throughout my Friday blog series.

Personal Info #1

My name is Erynn.


  1. i love this.
    it's "bitchin'"
    (this is an erynn word, no?)

    and way to rebel against this week's theme.
    (makes me love it even more)

    face it. you were born to blog.

  2. Ha! Since I laughed as hard as you did when you saw me, consent given.

    p.s. Amigas, I love the word 'sisterfriends.'

  3. Chica! I am so excited for you that you are doing this. I am in Anchorage, so if you ever come back to Alaska, we are hanging out!

  4. Ah, my blogging people. Thank you for the inter-blog. Casey-thank you for all the love and support you showed me during my darkest blogging time. I didn't think I would make it and you, well, you saved me. And, I will show you a world of words and phrases and you and your vocabulary will never be the same. Katerina, thank you for pioneer communication. The communication just doesn't stop. Especially with our computer voice talk in Spanish, in Albertsons. Love it. Y Yessica! Que gusto verte aqui en el mundo de blogging. Me parece que tu tambien debes de estar blogging con todo lo que estas haciendo en Anchorage. Cuentame de la escuela donde trabajas. Vienes a la reunion de La Reina? Ojala que si.

    Besos to all blogging people. Especially to "the weight lifter guy folling us in D.C., what is that all about?" Ben, I know who you are. It did make me laugh though. You weight lifter.

  5. Hola Erynn, estaba emocionado ver que tu sabes espanol! Soy Emily y soy una amiga de Sarah y Katerina, dos personas muy fantasticas y bonitas, no?! Bienvenidos al mundo de blogging, es muy divertido. Estoy muy emocionada conocer todas las hermanas-amigas de mis hermanas-amigas y aprender con juntas!

  6. Well-done, Emily.

    Mele Kalikimaka. Merry Christmas in Hawaiian.
    Consomneda. Thank you in Korean.

    Interesting that you fretted so much over this since you can talk a mile a minute and not say the same thing twice. It's one of your specialties, talking. You're good. And interesting. And you do put words together in new configurations. " Good fun," as the Hawaiians say.