Friday, August 28, 2009

Update! Cristy Rose

Yesterday I took a morning walk about the land, and (sigh)it was good. I've just returned from an intensive program in Women's Spirituality at a school in San Francisco, the California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS). By the end of the program -- being in class from 9 to 5 everyday! -- I was thankful to be returning to the simple farm life with my sisterfriends and farm family. Some things I learned from school and want to share with them, include:

dancing and spirituality
herstory in judaism
composting/recycling everything!

Some things I learned from my life (readings, conversations with fam/friends/meditations) while in SF, include:

the power of speaking aloud our desires/the power of prayer
the realization that I am in love with potential/dreams

It's exciting to be able to have an outlet to share the knowledge and experience I've gained! It'll be interesting to see how we continue to bring ourselves together in this communal living throughout the year, no?

That's all from me just now.

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