Monday, August 17, 2009

my name is...

so over here at the abundant table farm homestead we decided that in order to regularly update the blog we would assign one weekday for each house member to update.
lucky me! i got monday!

and "who is she?," you might be asking yourself?

well, my name is casey lynn hopkins.
and i grew-up in chandler, az,
though i have spent the majority of the last five years
attending azusa pacific university
working towards my now completed bachelors of arts in global studies!
(hooray! schools out for summer! schools out forever!)

it was a long and rather convoluted process that led me to the abundant table farm,
but it all began with a desire to better understand food
where it comes from,
the work that goes into the cultivation of it,
the care of the land
(and of the folks who tend the land)
involved in the entire process.
and so during my final semester at apu
i began looking into traveling and doing farm work exchange programs through WWOOF
(World Wide Organization of Organic Farmers).
however, i was also interested in living in a community or companion house
focused on living honestly and openly together,
studying the Word, worshipping, growing spiritually as a house,
and 'reaching out' towards our neighbors.

then one day, while all of these thoughts were running through my head,
i met my dear friend frank romero-crockett for a cup of coffee.
(frank, incidentally, happens to be a board member at the abundant table farm project)
at the end of our meeting, he mentioned having met recently with sarah nolan,
and handed me a piece of paper describing the internship opportunities at the farm.

(i think i may have hit him in a momentary fit of modern femininity:
"SHUT UP!" ::punches person in the arm:: "I DON'T BELIEVE THI... HOW ON...? SHUT UP!")

needless to say, i was quite excited about the possibility of becoming involved.
i rushed off to get all of my documents and recommendations ready for submission,
had a lovely, multiple hour phone interview,
and was offered a position here!

which brings us to the present
where i am living with five rather remarkable women
on a farm
seeking to learn as much as possible
about growing delicious, healthy food
that is good to the land, good to our bodies,
and good for the development and creation of community.

i know that i am not alone in being excited about updating you all
on how the farm and our other related projects are coming along.
so please check back with us this week
as each house member will be sharing the story of how she got here!

your interest and support are an ongoing encouragement.
just so much love.

*casey lynn


  1. Casey,
    I enjoyed your poetic prose description of how you came to the farm.
    It is a blessing to have you here. Your lattes are also delightful.

  2. casey. i'm SO so excited for you! i love your heart.

    and i actually read a blog. i'm planning on doing this more often. i'm excited to read this and learn with all of you!

    love and blessings,