Friday, October 30, 2009

Rethinking family: Living Communally

A big part of the Abundant Table Farm Project is simply this: being (living, working, sharing, eating, cooking, cleaning, driving, meeting, enjoying, singing, communicating, crying, stressing, fearing, waking, pausing) together.

And, as you all know, intentionally doing all that together takes time, energy, and

....much love, forgiveness, and grace.

It's a beautiful thing. Here's some fotografias.
The Oxnard Farmers' Market

Early rise for the busiest day so far: CSA, Farmers' Market, Volunteer Orientation, Farm Stand, etc!

Ojai Folk Music Hootenanny

Picking up Erynn and the goods before delivery

Meeting with Farmer Paul with Food Share in the background

Sarah Nolan giving us some needed harvesting training

Dinner at "Our Beach"

The kiddos come to visit: Pizza, Hide n Seek, dance party

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